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Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close

You may be enjoying a fairly carefree life. However, life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it to. You might think that everything is all good when it comes to the condition of your home until you go home one day, late at night and try to close your garage door and it won’t shut. This might not seem like a big deal at first until you realize, that it isn’t going to move. Now what! You might not want to throw your money away if it is a simple fix. Our service technicians at Dunwoody Garage Door Repair in Dunwoody, Georgia will be happy to resolve the problem for you but we figured you might want to troubleshoot a little bit before contacting us. Here are a few things to consider doing before contacting us about your garage door not closing.

Garage Doors Sensors

The sensors that we are talking about are safety sensors. They are directly across from each other. Usually located on the lower part of your garage door, closest to the round. They send a beam from one to the other. If the beam is broken while the door is coming down, it will reverse and switch direction. This serves as a protection. Sometimes the sensors inside your garage can be very sensitive. When there is debris on them or if they are misaligned, they will make it impossible for your door to close. Your safety depends on these sensors working properly. If your garage door is not closing, check to make sure the sensors are free of debris and that nothing is blocking them. It can be something as simple as a wire hanging down or a small trash can in front of the beam. If they are dirty, you should remove the debris with water and a light towel. Wipe them softly because you don’t want to scratch the lens. If you store a lot of stuff inside your garage, anything could be blocking the beams. Do thorough search to see what is in the line of the beams that might be preventing the door from closing. It might also be something as simple as your car not being driven far enough away from the sensors. If this is the case, get in and pull your car toward the back of your garage.

Improper Limits

The garage door opener has set limits that might be off. The limits indicate when the door is completely closed or completely open. When the limits are off, the door may try to close but when it does, it might come down and go right back up again. If the door comes down and back up again, the limits are likely the blame. This means they will need to be adjusted.

Garage Door Tracks

When you are not having your garage door regularly maintained or if you are not regularly maintaining your garage door, the rollers and tracks may become full of dirt and debris. This will prevent your door from going up and down. Salt from the street can affect the tracks of your garage, causing the metal to erode. This is serious business. Your rollers might begin to wear out eventually, causing problems with your garage door closing. The tracks need to be cleaned and the rollers may need to be repaired before your garage door will come down again.

Another problem we have noticed that will prevent your door from closing is that the tracks might be off. Since the door is heavy and gets opened often, it is not impossible for the tracks to become knocked out place. This might happen if you have run into your garage door without opening the garage door. The tracks can also be misaligned due to the weight of the garage door. The weight of the garage door can create problems with the tracks over time. Look to see if there are any missing bolts because this will make the tracks week and they will begin to bend. These are the things that will prevent your garage door from closing.

The Door-The Problem

Now that you’ve checked everything that you could check, there is a possibility that the problem is due to some electrical problem. If the problem involves an electrical shortage, frayed wires, bad circuit board in the opener, or exposed wires, this will prevent the door from closing. These are all pretty common issues that can be resolved through repairs or replacing the parts. It is best to rely on the services of a qualified garage door service professional to repair any problems you experience with your garage door opener, damaged parts, imbalanced tracks or broken springs. These are all things that can be harmful if you do not have the necessary experience to correctly handle the job. You can also remain safe and keep anyone in the vicinity safe if you let an expert handle this for you.

It's nice to have a garage door because they afford you convenience. However, some can be more problematic than others. This can be due to manufacturers or the lack of maintenance that a garage door receives. Whatever the reason is for your garage door not closing, you can be sure that ignoring the problem is only going to make the problem worse not better. If you’re experiencing a problem with your garage door opener, you can try our suggested fixes above or you can contact a professional garage door expert to take care of the problem for you. Either way, you can’t use your garage if the door won’t close so you will have to make a decision as to whether or not you will use the services of a garage door professional or handle on your own. Chances are that you’ll overlook something when attempting to handle it on your own. A service technician is far more thorough in their processes when they are determining how to get your garage door closing again.